Summary: This book is about two seven year old girls that think there is a ghost in there school bathroom. They also think they are going to make it go back (trust me i dont have a clue where "back" means). So the two girls Ivy and Bean start making a potion to put into a bathroom so that the ghost goes "back" where it belongs. During making this "potion" they run into that they have to have some hair in the potion, they think that they wont be able to finish until Bean relises she can get some of her sistets hair off! After she does this during the night and they finish the potion, Bean gets into trouble but she doesnt care, its a school day witch means that they get to put the potion in the bathroom today!! As they put it on the floor everyone is excited and want to go in the bathroom. Once they do this they are proud of themselves, but when they relise it was just something in the bathroom making all the noise, and they get into troible for it they get kinda mad.

Opinion: I think this book is a hularious comedy that everyone can enjoy....I'm not sure its at our level but I'm also not quite sure its little kid level. Its a sarcastic enjoyable comedy though. Bean rubbed plums into a boys hair!

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