TheLand I Lost

Book Summary:This book was about a Vietnamese child. He raised water buffalo with his family. One of their water buffalo is named Tank. He is like their special buffalo. He got into a fight with another buffalo. I think Tank ran into the other buffalo and broke his neck. This was a really serious fight. They had to tend to Tank for a long time. In another part of the book there is someone in a room in a hut that is sleeping. H is grandma comes in the room. there was a leaf on his face. so she took it off. she left for a while. she came back and it was on his face again. she did it again and the same thing happened. That pretty much means he was dead. The grandma was so sad about that. I would be too. I mean its your grandson. The book said she fell dead beside him.

My Opinion:I like this book. I like adventure. This is kind of an adventure book. It was kinda sad when the kid and the grandma die. I would give this book a 4 star rating.


Freedom and it's meaning

Freedom means being able to do things that you have to do to become a successful human being and make your own choices.C.P.



Summary: This book is about two seven year old girls that think there is a ghost in there school bathroom. They also think they are going to make it go back (trust me i dont have a clue where "back" means). So the two girls Ivy and Bean start making a potion to put into a bathroom so that the ghost goes "back" where it belongs. During making this "potion" they run into that they have to have some hair in the potion, they think that they wont be able to finish until Bean relises she can get some of her sistets hair off! After she does this during the night and they finish the potion, Bean gets into trouble but she doesnt care, its a school day witch means that they get to put the potion in the bathroom today!! As they put it on the floor everyone is excited and want to go in the bathroom. Once they do this they are proud of themselves, but when they relise it was just something in the bathroom making all the noise, and they get into troible for it they get kinda mad.

Opinion: I think this book is a hularious comedy that everyone can enjoy....I'm not sure its at our level but I'm also not quite sure its little kid level. Its a sarcastic enjoyable comedy though. Bean rubbed plums into a boys hair!


What does freedom mean to you?

Finish this sentence...

Freedom means ....
(example: Freedom means being able to stay up late to watch any t.v. show I want.)

Freedom means...
(example: Freedom means knowing that I have the right to go to school.)

Fklklfjgjvjhgghhdom means...


The Dead ,The Doomed And The Buried

Book Summary: This book is about stories of history. There's a story that tells about the tragic accidents of the Titanic and its sister ships the Olmpic and the Gigantic. People chose to change the name of the Gigantic because it sounded like Titanic and because they didn't want it to sound like that because they thought it would bring bad luck because of the Titanic incident. All of the ships ended up getting in an incident. The Olympic got hit by a submarine. The Britannic's propeller sucked in one of the tugboats. Another story was about grave robbers. The book told how people made a living by stealing bodys. Plus there was another story about royal England.


Steal Away Home

Book Summary: This book is about when Dana finds a whole creepy looking skeleton hiding in the wall while Dana was tearing up the wallpaper!When her mom figures out that there was a skeleton in the wall she grabs the phone and calls the police.When the police came a scientest and his crew carefully pick up the skeleton and took it to the lab.The scientest told them not to worry and if Dana would like to come to the lab one day and if she would want to observe the skeleton.Dana was thrilled and accepted the great one of a kind offer.Dana loves to observe and look at the distgusting and exciting layers of discovery of dead corpes.But the scientest,Dr.Baxi said that she could only come if she woudn't interfere during the investigation.Later on back in the past in the 1800's James and his family except for his dad took care of a family of these run away slaves.Right when one of the slaves were going to tell them their name Jame's mother told her not to tell her her name because if she didn't tell her name the slave catchers couldn't say that slaves came to their house.When the slaves left Jame's father had came back from work on setting up an alliance against Slavery.Back in the present Dana had her friend Ahn come over to sleep there.They soon found a diary that was in the wall where they had found the skeleton. Thadaeus

The Last Treasure

Book summary: This book is about a boy named Ellousworth. He lives in a apartment type building with his dad.One day he woke up with a new crack in his wall. He examened his wall it had come last night.when he went into the kitchen his dad wasn't home so he grabbed his electronic clock. He had got this clock from a garage sale . The owner had died in a war so Ellousworth had bought it. Right then his dad came home and said HAPPY BIRTHDAY! HIs dad was an exellent cook so they ate break fast. After that he found his present it was big when he opened it was a computer his dad said" I don't know how to work one of these so if you have any trouble tell me they will hook it up for free. After Ellousworth had gotten a letter from his cousin Elizabeth. This one was thick it included a letter and $300 the letter asked for Ellousworth help to find a treasure. When he showed it to his dad he refused the next day he agreed. When he was on the bus it was uncomfortable. he had to sit next to twins. one day some one was pounding on the door Ellousworth got out it was his aunt kitte. she drove him to her house and also Jess. when he got to elizabeths house he took a shower and ate. The next dayhe went to the house that had the last treasure.Jess had been there she had skeleton keys and other equipment. they went inside the house and found the path to the final treasure. When they got out Jess had to go to her grandmothers bakery. And Ellousworth left to elizabeths house. When he got inside she had been in a fight with a person named Matthew. SHe said don't worry about it in acouple of hours jess and Ellousworth went back into the house and up the teter toter stairs. Ellouworth found some pulleys that were rusted. so he oiled them Jess had found alot of letters on the floor.They left the house and went away. After about two days Ellouworths dad showed up. And after about two day E#llousworths dad showed up and so didhis dads dad. Right then the lake burst into flames. Everybody tried to put it out but it didn't work. they ran for the dark house went up stairs the pulleys Ellousworth oiled.They all steped on a name and the fake lake before them rose up and there was a box. They all went back to Elizabeths house to see what was inside the box when Ellousworth opened the box there was dinghys.

The Island Of The Blue Dolphins

Hi it's nathaniel again,
BOOK SUMMARY: I'm writing to you today about the book Island Of The Blue Dolphins By Scott O'Dell. When I first saw it looked really really boring the only reason I read the book was for school. But I got hooked on the first Chapter.
This book is about a young girl named Karana on the Island Of The Blue Dolphins which has been ravaged of most of it sea otters by the Aleuts for nothing but worthless jewels. Then when the Aleuts leave her peoples chief goes to the home of the aleuts in russia for help. After many a moons boats come with help from there chief. As everyone boards the ship a horrible storm hits and the ships must leave. But Karana realizes that her brother isn't on any boat. So she jumps off the boat and swims to the shore. Were her brother is jumping and waving for help.
After months of moons Karana brother is killed by wild dogs. After that she decides to travel to russia by herself on 1 canoe. Two moons later she turns around and heads back to her home. She then makes a new home out of whale ribs. That Definitely keep wild dogs out. Eventually she befriends a Aleut wild dog and keeps it as a pet. When the Aleuts come back they hunt the rest of the sea otters. But the wife of a Aleut man finds Karana with her old dog. Karana and this woman befriend each other and share gifts. However soon after they leave Rontu dies.
Then Karana hunts down and captures him naming him Rontu-Antu (Rontu Jr.). Then she gets caught in huge storms that flood the land. Soon after these days she saved and taking off the island for a new life.
MY OPINION: I think that this book is a 5-star book. That deserves awards more then what it got. But a more interesting cover and maybe a catch phrase could help. Also more action verbs. But other then that it was great.

Monkey five ancestors

Book summary;The main character in this book is named Malou.His brother's are named Seh ,long and Fu.Malou finds a white monkey with only one eye.He found a group of bandits and Seh was with them.He didn't spend a lot of time with Seh.The white monkey kept popping in and out of the book.But when he was in the book he had an important role.Malou was great freinds with the white monkey.The white monkey ... ELI

Zlata's Diary

Book summary: This book was about a girl named Zlata. This was a autobiography by Zlata Filipovic. She lives in the city of Sarajevo. She is in 5th grade. She has to live during a war from April 5th 1992 to after October 17th 1993.


The Talking Earth

Book Summary: It's about a girl named Billie Wind. She's the main charterer. Her tribe lives in the Florida Everglades. Her tribe believes that the animal gods talk. Billie Wind does not believe that the animal gods talk, so she is sent on a journey. Billie Wind went on Lost Dog island to start her journey. A HUGE fire happened and she was forced to go to this cave because some alligators destroyed her dugout (a boat). She made a small fire, a bed and went for a little swim. She found a small otter huddling in a small, tight corner shivering she named him Petang (which means otter). They made a small dugout and sailed out a tight creek because the ground was to hot to walk on (fire). They ate fish and smothered fish oil to keep the mosquitoes away. Later in the story she finds a baby black panther and named him Cootchobee. Cootchobee had broken Billie Wind's special pottery bowl. Cootchobee's father came back for him. Later the river turned into salt water' so they were getting closer to the ocean. Petang found a girl otter and left Billie Wind. Billie Wind abandoned her dugout and was going back to her tribe with Burdon (a mute turtle). Than she meet a boy named Oats Tiger. She ran into a hole because a hurricane was coming and she found Cootchobee. The hurricane was finally over and went back to her tribe and learned that animals do talk.

My Option: In my option I really liked the book! It was a book about trying to fit in with her tribe. I really like how she was really trying to talk to animals instead of just giving up. I really felt like I could paint a picture in my mine. I also felt it gave great detail and information about the Cheyenne tribe.

The Talking Earth

Author: Jean Craighead George

Date:October 21st, 2008

Book Summary: This book was about a girl named Billie Wind. She is a Seminole indian. She didn't believe that there were little people living in the ground. She also doesn't believe that there are serpents living underground or that the animal gods talk so she has to go on a journey. She goes to a different part of the Everglades.

The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer

This book is a rather classic book. It's about a boys adventures in the 1870's,with a sidekick named Hucklberry Fin. The main charecter's name is Tom Sawyer,the boy I mentioned in the title. First, he gets into trouble when he accidently tells his girlfriend about his first girlfriend. Then, he tears his teachers book. He ended up getting switched for it.OUCH!! Then, he goes and plays pirate with his friend Joey. Oh, and don't froget Hucklberry. They ended up being taken for dead. Then, they attend their own funeral! The people at the funeral were both happy and angry. Then they pretended to be cowboys. Thankfully, that didn't get them into trouble. But then, they saw a docter get murdered by Huck's drunk father! What a shock! They promised to never tell about it. Then they discover that Injun Joe made Hucks father grt drunk. AND THEN,they find 100,000 dollars!!!! But then, Injun Joe takes the boy's money.But then,he dies in a cave five days afterward.So,they live happily ever afte, with a lot of money. You should read this book, because it is really interresting.-Devin

Harry Potter

Bookreport; In the first chapter It's Harrys birthday. Harry lives with his aunt and uncle.They don't like Harry. Harry finds Dobby hes a elf.Dobby gets Harry in lots of trouble.Ron Harry friend takes him away because of his school Hogwarts.They need school stuff they go to Hogsmeeg.Molfoy a mean kid he makes fun of Hermanie.It's Halloween when they get there when they go threw the hall way they sees a frozen cat.Harry plays a game called Quetidch a blauder chases after him a teacher named Lock Heart makes it worse.Harry enters a duel club.Hermanie makes a Polly juice poition and turns Ron and Harry into slithern people.After that they go into a tunnel with Lock Heart.Lock Heart uses a spell that back fires and he lost his memery.A rock slide falls blocking Harry.Harry walks and finds a passege .He finds a diary and find a evil man from slitherin.He sends a snake after Harry.Harry gets a swored from a pheniox.He stabes the snakes mouth and killed it.Harry stabes the diary some how killing the guy.He finds Ron's sister Jinny. They fly of on the phenioxup back the hole.

opionion; Iv'e read other Harry Potter books and I recomend them .I think number five is the best. Ithink Harry Potter gives good imagination.I like magic because you don't now how they do it.In the book Ron is my favrite charecter.



The Year of the Rat

Book summary: This book is about a girl named Grace who has a great friend named Meloade. On the start of the year of the rat, both of their family are having the Chinese New Year together. Grace and Meloade, wrote down what they want to happen in the future. When grace and Meloade looks at each others wishes, but that's when Grace finds out her best, Meloade, is moving to California. Grace and Meloade only has a couple weeks before she leaves for California. During school, Grace and Meloade are in the same class and for a project, they were going to make a quilt, so the school would remember them. Meloade was going to leave and she thought nobody was going to remember her, so she told her teacher if it was O.K. if she finished her quilt piece, then Grace would bring it the next day, and so she did. Grace's mom and her went over to Meloade's house to help her pack for moving. Grace helped Meloade pack and Meloade's mom said to give Grace some of her books. They both said they would send the books to each other went they finish all the books. When Meloaed left, Grace felt lonely. One day Grace's teacher said there was going to be a Talent Show. Grace's 2 friends were going to do a dance and Grace's classmate, Sam, was going to be in a band called, Sam and the Black Siders. Grace wasn't going to be in the talent show so she was going to make the poster for it. When the day of the talent came, she put the poster up, but when people came in people didn't look at it. So she thought people didn't care about the poster, so she took it down. The next day somebody took a picture of her with her poster. It was in the newspaper and when she got to school, her picture was on her classroom door. Grcae and Mel oade was talking over the phone and Meloade said they were comming back to visit, but only her and her mom. Meloade was coming during Chinese New Year. Grace went to pick up Meloade and her mom at the airport. Both of them missed each other. All of them spent their Chinese New Year together.

my opinion: I really liked this book because their friends ship was good even if Meloade moved to California. I would give this a 5 star rating.


Satchel Paige

Book Summary Author: Lesa Cline Ransome
Date: October 21st

This book was about one of the best pitchers in baseball history. The main character is Satchel Paige. His real name was Leroy Robert Paige. He was born July 7, 1907. He knew what he wanted to be, very yearly. He wanted to be a baseball player. He didn't know the difference between throwing and pitching. He is 93 years and 9 days older than me. I think was the best pitcher in the H. O. F (Hall Of Fame). He couldn't get in the majors for a long time, because african- americans were segragated.

My Opinion

I think it was a good book. Because it was about baseball, and I like baseball. The lesson learned here was that if you put your mind to something you can do it.
James J

The five ancesters crane

my blog : I have not finished the book yet so this isnt full info. In this book the main character is Hok a chinese girl who has to act like a boy and shave her head. She sets off for the world and along the way she finds her mom,brothers and cosins. They travel together but sometimes get seperated but hot on there trail are Tonglong and his baddies trying to capture them and learn her familys secrets. They steal there scrolls.

my opinion: I think this book is for older kids because there is violence in it. The violence is fighting. I would give it a 4 star rating. I like how they use kung fu in the book thats pretty cool!! I would advise that you read this book when you have some time on your hands because in this book they cram lots of words on each page if you are looking for an action book I would suggjest you try reading the series.

Ivy + Bean: Take care of the babysitter

Book Summary:I read a book titled Ivy + Bean:Take care of the babysitter.
It is by Annie Barrows and Sophie Blackall.Ivy + Bean is about two 7 year old girls who love playing around and having fun.Bean is trapped in her own home, while her 11 year old sister babysitts.Bean imagines she is a spy. She sneaks ivy into the house by getting her attention.Nancy is putting on her moms make-up.She doesn't realize Ivy and Bean are playing in the attic alone.Until they get locked in the attic and start screaming for Nancy to come save them!Nancy almost forgets to take her make-up off!Luckily she gets it off just in time.Ivy and Bean have done it again.Bean and Ivy are playing dolls and doing what they love best.Being best-friends.

My Opinion:I think this book is sarcastic, cute, funny and amazingly hilarious. One of the funniest parts was when Bean thinks she can climb out of her window with string.
I hope you will enjoy Ivy + Bean: Take care of the babysitter, too!

The Snake

My summary:
This book was about Seh. He was the main charecter of the story. Seh is twelve years old. He has three brothers and one sister. Their names were Hok, Long, Fu, and Malao. Seh is a snake style kung fu master. Hok is a crane style kung fu master. Long is a dragon style kung fu master. Malao is a monkey style kung fu master and Fu is a tiger style kung fu master.

My opinion:
I like this book because it teaches about how to sneaky and about kung fu. I like kung fu because it is fun and challenging at the same time and I would give it a 5 star rating.


The Butterfly

This is a book written by Patricia Polacco. The front cover of the book has a picture of a worried young girl who is looking at a Nazi flag while a butterfly is sitting nearby. This cover page represents the picture of what occurs in the story.


The Three Questions

Nikolai is wondering about three questions. What are the three questions? Who does he go to find out the answers to these questions?