TheLand I Lost

Book Summary:This book was about a Vietnamese child. He raised water buffalo with his family. One of their water buffalo is named Tank. He is like their special buffalo. He got into a fight with another buffalo. I think Tank ran into the other buffalo and broke his neck. This was a really serious fight. They had to tend to Tank for a long time. In another part of the book there is someone in a room in a hut that is sleeping. H is grandma comes in the room. there was a leaf on his face. so she took it off. she left for a while. she came back and it was on his face again. she did it again and the same thing happened. That pretty much means he was dead. The grandma was so sad about that. I would be too. I mean its your grandson. The book said she fell dead beside him.

My Opinion:I like this book. I like adventure. This is kind of an adventure book. It was kinda sad when the kid and the grandma die. I would give this book a 4 star rating.

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