The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer

This book is a rather classic book. It's about a boys adventures in the 1870's,with a sidekick named Hucklberry Fin. The main charecter's name is Tom Sawyer,the boy I mentioned in the title. First, he gets into trouble when he accidently tells his girlfriend about his first girlfriend. Then, he tears his teachers book. He ended up getting switched for it.OUCH!! Then, he goes and plays pirate with his friend Joey. Oh, and don't froget Hucklberry. They ended up being taken for dead. Then, they attend their own funeral! The people at the funeral were both happy and angry. Then they pretended to be cowboys. Thankfully, that didn't get them into trouble. But then, they saw a docter get murdered by Huck's drunk father! What a shock! They promised to never tell about it. Then they discover that Injun Joe made Hucks father grt drunk. AND THEN,they find 100,000 dollars!!!! But then, Injun Joe takes the boy's money.But then,he dies in a cave five days afterward.So,they live happily ever afte, with a lot of money. You should read this book, because it is really interresting.-Devin


Anonymous said...

Tom Sawyer has many adventures it sounds like! It also appears that Tom gets into mischief from some of the decisions he makes in the story. I think it would be creepy to be at your own funeral! I would love to find $100,000 though! Which part of the story did you enjoy the most? Do you think you are similar or different than Tom Sawyer?

Thanks for your book blog.

Mrs. Peterson

Anonymous said...

That sounds like a great book devin. Right now I'm reading huck fin. But can I borrow tom sawyer.


Anonymous said...

Tom sawyer sounds very interesting.I will have to try to get that book, too!

Anonymous said...

Dear Devin,
Devin I think the Tom Sawyer book was really interesting. I think I would read that book my self.
James J