The five ancesters crane

my blog : I have not finished the book yet so this isnt full info. In this book the main character is Hok a chinese girl who has to act like a boy and shave her head. She sets off for the world and along the way she finds her mom,brothers and cosins. They travel together but sometimes get seperated but hot on there trail are Tonglong and his baddies trying to capture them and learn her familys secrets. They steal there scrolls.

my opinion: I think this book is for older kids because there is violence in it. The violence is fighting. I would give it a 4 star rating. I like how they use kung fu in the book thats pretty cool!! I would advise that you read this book when you have some time on your hands because in this book they cram lots of words on each page if you are looking for an action book I would suggjest you try reading the series.


Mrs.JPeterson said...

Can you please use correct gramer? Hmmmmmm...this seems like a good book to read. So, I might read this book. Anyway,it seems to have a lot of action in it. - Your connerliess,Devin.

Anonymous said...

This book seems really good. Is there any other book? Phoua