The Year of the Rat

Book summary: This book is about a girl named Grace who has a great friend named Meloade. On the start of the year of the rat, both of their family are having the Chinese New Year together. Grace and Meloade, wrote down what they want to happen in the future. When grace and Meloade looks at each others wishes, but that's when Grace finds out her best, Meloade, is moving to California. Grace and Meloade only has a couple weeks before she leaves for California. During school, Grace and Meloade are in the same class and for a project, they were going to make a quilt, so the school would remember them. Meloade was going to leave and she thought nobody was going to remember her, so she told her teacher if it was O.K. if she finished her quilt piece, then Grace would bring it the next day, and so she did. Grace's mom and her went over to Meloade's house to help her pack for moving. Grace helped Meloade pack and Meloade's mom said to give Grace some of her books. They both said they would send the books to each other went they finish all the books. When Meloaed left, Grace felt lonely. One day Grace's teacher said there was going to be a Talent Show. Grace's 2 friends were going to do a dance and Grace's classmate, Sam, was going to be in a band called, Sam and the Black Siders. Grace wasn't going to be in the talent show so she was going to make the poster for it. When the day of the talent came, she put the poster up, but when people came in people didn't look at it. So she thought people didn't care about the poster, so she took it down. The next day somebody took a picture of her with her poster. It was in the newspaper and when she got to school, her picture was on her classroom door. Grcae and Mel oade was talking over the phone and Meloade said they were comming back to visit, but only her and her mom. Meloade was coming during Chinese New Year. Grace went to pick up Meloade and her mom at the airport. Both of them missed each other. All of them spent their Chinese New Year together.

my opinion: I really liked this book because their friends ship was good even if Meloade moved to California. I would give this a 5 star rating.



Anonymous said...

You did a good job explaning the book.Did she finish the quilt? Thanks for making a great summary!

Anonymous said...

what did they wish for in the future? Did it happen?