Harry Potter

Bookreport; In the first chapter It's Harrys birthday. Harry lives with his aunt and uncle.They don't like Harry. Harry finds Dobby hes a elf.Dobby gets Harry in lots of trouble.Ron Harry friend takes him away because of his school Hogwarts.They need school stuff they go to Hogsmeeg.Molfoy a mean kid he makes fun of Hermanie.It's Halloween when they get there when they go threw the hall way they sees a frozen cat.Harry plays a game called Quetidch a blauder chases after him a teacher named Lock Heart makes it worse.Harry enters a duel club.Hermanie makes a Polly juice poition and turns Ron and Harry into slithern people.After that they go into a tunnel with Lock Heart.Lock Heart uses a spell that back fires and he lost his memery.A rock slide falls blocking Harry.Harry walks and finds a passege .He finds a diary and find a evil man from slitherin.He sends a snake after Harry.Harry gets a swored from a pheniox.He stabes the snakes mouth and killed it.Harry stabes the diary some how killing the guy.He finds Ron's sister Jinny. They fly of on the phenioxup back the hole.

opionion; Iv'e read other Harry Potter books and I recomend them .I think number five is the best. Ithink Harry Potter gives good imagination.I like magic because you don't now how they do it.In the book Ron is my favrite charecter.




Anonymous said...

Dear James,
I think your book report was good. I might want to read that book my self. I think you really liked that Harry Poter book.
James J

Anonymous said...

I thought your summry was good. I like how you described the people in the book. Does Harry beat Mofoy In the dueling contest. Do you like the book? Have you read any others? I read all seven of them. Has Harry seen spiders yet. Do you like spiders? I really HATE spiders!!! It's a really good book! Responed in your comment to me!! See you later!