The Last Treasure

Book summary: This book is about a boy named Ellousworth. He lives in a apartment type building with his dad.One day he woke up with a new crack in his wall. He examened his wall it had come last night.when he went into the kitchen his dad wasn't home so he grabbed his electronic clock. He had got this clock from a garage sale . The owner had died in a war so Ellousworth had bought it. Right then his dad came home and said HAPPY BIRTHDAY! HIs dad was an exellent cook so they ate break fast. After that he found his present it was big when he opened it was a computer his dad said" I don't know how to work one of these so if you have any trouble tell me they will hook it up for free. After Ellousworth had gotten a letter from his cousin Elizabeth. This one was thick it included a letter and $300 the letter asked for Ellousworth help to find a treasure. When he showed it to his dad he refused the next day he agreed. When he was on the bus it was uncomfortable. he had to sit next to twins. one day some one was pounding on the door Ellousworth got out it was his aunt kitte. she drove him to her house and also Jess. when he got to elizabeths house he took a shower and ate. The next dayhe went to the house that had the last treasure.Jess had been there she had skeleton keys and other equipment. they went inside the house and found the path to the final treasure. When they got out Jess had to go to her grandmothers bakery. And Ellousworth left to elizabeths house. When he got inside she had been in a fight with a person named Matthew. SHe said don't worry about it in acouple of hours jess and Ellousworth went back into the house and up the teter toter stairs. Ellouworth found some pulleys that were rusted. so he oiled them Jess had found alot of letters on the floor.They left the house and went away. After about two days Ellouworths dad showed up. And after about two day E#llousworths dad showed up and so didhis dads dad. Right then the lake burst into flames. Everybody tried to put it out but it didn't work. they ran for the dark house went up stairs the pulleys Ellousworth oiled.They all steped on a name and the fake lake before them rose up and there was a box. They all went back to Elizabeths house to see what was inside the box when Ellousworth opened the box there was dinghys.


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May you please type some more in? I want to find out more!But it sounds like a good book. - Devin

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