Steal Away Home

Book Summary: This book is about when Dana finds a whole creepy looking skeleton hiding in the wall while Dana was tearing up the wallpaper!When her mom figures out that there was a skeleton in the wall she grabs the phone and calls the police.When the police came a scientest and his crew carefully pick up the skeleton and took it to the lab.The scientest told them not to worry and if Dana would like to come to the lab one day and if she would want to observe the skeleton.Dana was thrilled and accepted the great one of a kind offer.Dana loves to observe and look at the distgusting and exciting layers of discovery of dead corpes.But the scientest,Dr.Baxi said that she could only come if she woudn't interfere during the investigation.Later on back in the past in the 1800's James and his family except for his dad took care of a family of these run away slaves.Right when one of the slaves were going to tell them their name Jame's mother told her not to tell her her name because if she didn't tell her name the slave catchers couldn't say that slaves came to their house.When the slaves left Jame's father had came back from work on setting up an alliance against Slavery.Back in the present Dana had her friend Ahn come over to sleep there.They soon found a diary that was in the wall where they had found the skeleton. Thadaeus

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Anonymous said...

I have read this book before,so even though you didn't post about all of it, I know what it's about. I liked it when Krarana tries to hunt an octopus!(laugh)Oh, and that doggie she found was so CUTE Ssounding,awww! Anyway,that was a good book you chose. -Devin.