The Talking Earth

Book Summary: It's about a girl named Billie Wind. She's the main charterer. Her tribe lives in the Florida Everglades. Her tribe believes that the animal gods talk. Billie Wind does not believe that the animal gods talk, so she is sent on a journey. Billie Wind went on Lost Dog island to start her journey. A HUGE fire happened and she was forced to go to this cave because some alligators destroyed her dugout (a boat). She made a small fire, a bed and went for a little swim. She found a small otter huddling in a small, tight corner shivering she named him Petang (which means otter). They made a small dugout and sailed out a tight creek because the ground was to hot to walk on (fire). They ate fish and smothered fish oil to keep the mosquitoes away. Later in the story she finds a baby black panther and named him Cootchobee. Cootchobee had broken Billie Wind's special pottery bowl. Cootchobee's father came back for him. Later the river turned into salt water' so they were getting closer to the ocean. Petang found a girl otter and left Billie Wind. Billie Wind abandoned her dugout and was going back to her tribe with Burdon (a mute turtle). Than she meet a boy named Oats Tiger. She ran into a hole because a hurricane was coming and she found Cootchobee. The hurricane was finally over and went back to her tribe and learned that animals do talk.

My Option: In my option I really liked the book! It was a book about trying to fit in with her tribe. I really like how she was really trying to talk to animals instead of just giving up. I really felt like I could paint a picture in my mine. I also felt it gave great detail and information about the Cheyenne tribe.


Mrs.JPeterson said...

You included some key details in your book summary. I have never read this book, but it sounds similar to Island of the Blue Dolphins. Does the girl end up finding her tribe again? What happens to the boy she meets along the way? I think it would be interesting if animals could really talk. Thanks for your book summary. Remember to include your opinion about the book too!

Mrs. Peterson

Mrs.JPeterson said...

I would love to read this book. Can I borrow it. But what is opinion.


Anonymous said...

This sounds like an interesting book.Does she and her tribe end up together?You did a great job in explaning the book.